Grass Land Subsoilers

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With the ability to fit a seeder unit, the Sumo Grassland Subsoiler is a heavy duty machine that can improve and revitalise tired grassland in one pass.

  • A leading row of straight, serrated discs cut through the turf on individually suspended arms. The discs have adjustable depth positions which are easily altered via a one-bolt system. This allows the following Subsoiler legs easy entry into the pre-cut soil.
  • The legs, which have a pin adjustable depth of 4”-14” deep are cut from 20mm Hardox 500 and lift and fracture the earth. The legs are auto reset as standard.
  • The legs are followed by a packer which has a diameter of 508mm. The shark fin design ensures important surface aeration across the full working width of the machine. A ring of packer teeth run directly behind each leg, closing up and firming the opening which the leg has made in the worked pasture. The teeth also act as a continuous grip, ensuring that the packer always turns and drives in any condition.
  • The optional following harrow disturbs and removes any dead vegetation. The harrow is adjustable so can be moved out of position when not required for use.
 View a video of this product