New Machinery

Welcome to the New Machinery section of our website.

Welcome to the New Machinery section of the Compass Tractors Website.

When it comes to selling our customers new machinery it has always been our policy to ONLY recommend machinery that meets the following criteria:

  1. The machine must be very EFFICIENT and by this we mean it performs its required operation to a very HIGH STANDARD, QUICKLY.

  2. The machine is of a build quality and RELIABILITY standard relative to our customers price bracket and intended workload.

  3. Any machine we supply must be back up by efficient parts and technical support from its manufacturer.

  4. Finally and most importantly, providing the machine meets the above criteria it will automatically command a HIGH RESIDUAL PRICE relative to its purchase price.

All our supplying Franchises have been carefully selected because they meet the above criteria enable us to recommended and provide products that will save our customers TIME & MONEY.

Please feel free to click on the Franchises below to view their individual product ranges.


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