Front Weights

The Sumo Front Weight is a multipurpose implement to fit any tractor with a front linkage. Designed and manufactured in Britain, the Front Weight has several purposes:

  • Used as ballast, the Sumo Front Weight adds 1000kg, 1500kg or 2000kg to the tractor front end. This helps utilise the full pulling power of the tractor, considerably reduces front tyre wear in the field, and balances the tractor on the road when moving heavy loads.
  • The integral toolbox on the Sumo Front Weight can be used to store or carry many different items, from tools to wearing parts. The toolbox is also lockable and aids driver safety by providing a much needed place to store items from the cab floor.
  • With a low, wide profile the Front Weight is easily visible by the tractor driver and other road users reducing the chances of minor collisions
  • The LED marker lights fitted as standard are positioned to be equally bright from the front or side. These provide a safe and visible indication of the weight both on the road and at junctions in low lighting conditions.
  • Towing point as standard