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Introduced due to demand, the Sumo Unidrill is designed to work into min-tilled land or direct into stubble, but will work equally efficiently into a pre-prepared seed bed, with its low horse power requirement and proven design it is suitable for most medium horsepower tractor line ups.

System details

  • The coulters achieve even sowing depth and excellent seed/soil contact, which are critical for even germination, and do not require a fine prepared seedbed to do so.
    This is due to the design of the high inertia disc coulter assembly, which prepares a mini seedbed into which seed is placed, using a straight disc mounted at a 5 degree angle coupled with a soil engaging seed tube coulter, followed immediately by a heavy press wheel which runs accurately over the narrow tilled seed trench, closing it firmly to ensure excellent seed to soil contact.

Other Features

  • Tried and tested seed metering system.
  • Variable rate drilling.
  • One touch calibration.
  • Half width shut off.
  • GPS compatible.
  • Outputs between 0.5 and 500kg/ha.
  • Radar grounds speed monitoring.
  • Tramline shutoffs as standard.
  • Two low level seed sensors.
  • Failsafe calibration flap.
  • Quick change metering heads.
  • 3m transport width.
  • Heavy duty axle, wheels and brakes.
  • Pre-emergence markers.
  • Linkage Mounted Drawbar as standard.
  • Extendable drawbar.
  • Sturdy access steps and rollover sheet.
  • Lockable toolbox.
  • Full road lighting kit and warning flashers.
  • Shear bolt protection on marker arms.
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