Drip Hose Booms

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Using a drip hose boom enables you to properly apply slurry onto the soil surface, increasing nitrogen’s efficiency. Spreading the slurry as close as possible to the crop base significantly reduces odour. Spreading liquid organic fertiliser on growing crops at maximum working widths is now possible thanks to our range of standard and telescopic booms.

Placing the hose ends against the ground surface guarantees better nitrogen use and prevents your crops from getting dirty. The small distance between each hose allows a very uniform volume to be spread over the entire width. Using a drip hose boom significantly reduces nitrogen loss through volatilisation. Use precision spreading implements to apply your organic fertilisers accurately on growing crops.


  • Fully galvanised structure
  • Respect of soil structure
  • Spreading on growing crops
  • Reduced nitrogen loss
  • Maximum value out of organic fertiliser
  • Minimum odour
  • Even transverse distribution
  • Uniform volume spread on the soil surface


 View a video of this product