Round Balers

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The round balers from KRONE have been in high demand for years, not only in Germany but in many countries around the globe. The KRONE round balers offer fixed and variable baling chambers and also comprise our ‘Combi-Pack’ baler wrapper model. These balers produce bales from silage, hay and straw of impressive densities and excellent shape.

Ultima: Non-stop baler wrapper

  • The world’s first non-stop baler wrapper operates
    fully automatically
  • Bales, wraps and unloads the bale on the move
  • Produces up to 50 % more bales per hour
  • Achieves highest bale densities through its special
    pre-compression technology
  • Offers superior operator comfort and automatic processes
  • Employs Tractor Implement Management (TIM) technology for
    a smooth crop flow and firm bales, with the baler controlling
    the tractor’s forward speed
  • Has its own on-board hydraulic system
  • Produces variable 1.25 m – 1.50 m (4’1″- 4’11”) diameter bales
  • Offers versatile use in silage, hay and straw
  • Features a hydraulic artic drawbar for better ground clearance

Bellima F 125/ F130

  • An enclosed baling chamber reduces fragmentation and controls the development of dust
  • An endless chain-and-slat elevator
    – excels in silage, hay and straw
    – eliminates the risk of bale stops
    – produces high-density and well-shaped bales
    – achieves high bale weights
  • Low input requirement
  • Low dead weight
  • Low in maintenance and long service life thanks to a simple design
  • Few and short-length drive chains


  • The fixed bale chamber produces 1.25 m (4’1″) or 1.55 m (5’1″) diameter bales
  • The variable bale chamber produces 1.00 -1.50 m (3’3″- 4’11”) or 1.00 -1.80 m (3’3″- 5’11”) diameter bales
  • The chain-and-slat elevator handles the most difficult conditions
  • The camless EasyFlow pick-up boosts throughput and reduces wear and tear
  • The selectable MultiCut cutting system features 17 blades
  • Twine tying system for four threads
  • The well-proven net wrapping system for even higher throughputs


  • Strong build – the heavy-duty balers for professional users and enduring applications
  • Versatile technology – fixed, semi-variable or variable bale chambers
  • Steady crop flow – the EasyFlow pick-up with helical tine rows
  • Sharp cuts – the XCut cutting system

Comprima was developed by KRONE as a machine that delivers long-term and enduring operation in the most difficult conditions.

Comprima X-treme

  • Semi-variable chamber for 1.25 – 1.50 m (4’1″ – 4’11”) bales
  • Variable chamber for 1.00 – 1.50 m (3’3″ – 4’11”) bales
  • Extra strong and camless EasyFlow pick-up with castering gauge wheels
  • Extra strong XC cutting system with lowering blade drawer – 17 or 26 selectable blades
  • Extra strong and grippy NovoGrip belt-and-slat elevator
  • Extra strong drivelines
  • Active net & film wrap system for highest quality silage
  • Comprima CF 155 XC and CV 150 XC – high-performance baler wrappers for up to 1.50 m (4’11”) diameter bales



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