Forage wagon

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AX- Forage and Discharge Wagon

AX stands for a new generation of ground breaking forage wagons. Buying a Krone AX forage wagon means buying into decades of experience and expertise. Krone knows the business of farming. The AX forage wagons are built to a modular concept and are available with or without rear discharge rotors and either with solid steel extensions or foldable hay extensions. Capacities vary between 25m and 31m f hay pressed to medium volumes. A host o technical innovations accounts for these massive capacities and lowest input requirements.

The AX forage and discharge wagon in summary:

  • AX 310 GL and AX 310 GD with a capacity of 31m
  • Camless easyFlow Pick-up
  • Large 760mm diameter feed and cutting rotor
  • Central lever operates sets of 0,16 or 32 knives
  • Knife bed swings out to the side
  • All knife changing operations are carried out form the left side of the machine
  • The chain and slat floor slopes to the front for reduced power input
  • Hydraulic axle assembly for enhanced stability on the road and slope (optional)

MX- Forage and Discharge Wagons

MX is the new Krone range of high capacity self loading/unloading forage wagons with solid steel extensions. Offering a capacity of up to 35m, these forage wagons impress not only by their enormous efficiency and low input power but also by their versatility. Equipped with solid extensions and doing and doing without hoops and ropes, these wagon are the perfect machines for contracting businesses.

The MX forage and discharge wagon in summary:

  • The chain and slat floor slopes to the front end= low input requirement
  • Cutting rotor with 41 knives=theoretical chop length is 37 mm
  • Knife bed swings out to the side=easy maintenance
  • Camless EasyFlow Pick-up= high capacity, low wear
  • A hydraulic axle assembly is an option.


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