Push Trailer

The Fliegl push-off system is a revolutionary and successful system for all transportation in the fields and on the roads. It combines and optimizes the advantages of all well known transport systems.

High quality chassis technology due to long years of development, allows for secure handling, even under extreme driving conditions!

Push-off instead of dumping – advantages over dumping systems

  • Better stability due to lowest center of gravity during transport and unloading
  • Up to 60% additional loading via optimal compacting, depending on transported goods and degree of moisture
  • Problem free pushing-off even in low buildings
  • Low net weight
  • Reduced oil requirement, there are no telescopic cylinders
  • Also with large volume vehicles up to 70 m³ safe unloading, even on uneven terrain
  • Can be combined with a spreader mechanism, overhead screw conveyor or overhead conveyor in a few minutes

Advantages over walking-floor systems

  • The extremely robust Fliegl push-off system is also very well suited for heavy goods
  • Unloading times are up to five times faster
  • Up to 60% more loading volume through compacting (depending on goods)

Advantages over moving floor / chain floor

  • More effective and more secure through universal use – possible transport of all goods such as cereals, compost, dung etc!
  • More robust and reliable as there are no delicate parts to wear out (no chains)
  • Higher load capacity through lower power requirements and optimal compaction
  • Can be quickly combined with the following accessories: Scattering unit, overhead screw conveyor (cereals and silage), overhead conveyor, wood chip blower, distributor rollers
  • Secure palette transport