Round Baler

When it comes to the harvesting of high quality forage, you need machines that you can depend on. Fendt round balers give you everything that you need- Optimal and gentle handling of the crop & the uncompromising level of reliability result in perfect Bales

Each operation brings a new challenge for man and machine. That’s why Fendt’s four 4160 V, 4160 V Xtra, 4180 V and 4180 V Xtra variable balers offer you extensive equipment options and intuitive control. This ensures that you can give forage harvesting your full and undivided attention.

  4160 V 4160 V Xtra 4180 V 4180 V Xtra
Baler chamber diameter 0,70 – 1,60 m 0,70 – 1,60 m 0,70 – 1,80 m 0,70 – 1,80 m
Baler chamber width 1,23 m 1,23 m 1,23 m 1,23 m
Baler chamber volume 2,50 m³ 2,50 m³ 3,10 m³ 3,10 m³

Bale straw, hay or silage quickly, easily and without complication. Achieve top performance with the Fendt round baler coupled with the Fendt Vario. Whether its all about convenient setting and control of the round baler via ISOBUS and the Varioterminal at the touch of a button, or the infinite ride comfort of the Vario gearbox: Fendt tractors and Fendt balers make an unstoppable team.

  • Cam-track-free pick-up
  • HydroFlexControl feed channel floor
  • up to 25 knives with group engagement
  • special chamber geometry with a minimal start chamber
  • Mechanical tail gate latch
  • Additional Drive System
  • Constant Pressure System
  • Adaptive tail gate control
  • Variable bale diameter from 0.70 to 1.60 m or 1.80 m
  • Only net ties or twine ties to be added
  • Bale shape indicator

Every operation is different. That’s why we offer Fendt’s 4160 V, 4160 V Xtra, 4180 V and 4180 V Xtra variable balers. From the robust, simply-equipped and knife-free entrylevel machine featuring low power requirements to the 4180 V Xtra machine for professionals: The technical innovations make all the difference.

For more information on the Fendt Variable round Baler please contact one of our Sales team!