Fendt Slicer

Perfect forage can only be harvested by perfect machines. The Fendt Slicer disc mowers meet any challenge, and leave no stalk standing, so that you have full confidence in making the perfect cut.

The patented TurboLift system on the Fendt Slicer TL disc mowers with centre suspension for rear mounting provides a floating cut, exceptional sward protection and forage quality. The forage always stays free of dirt even in wet and damp places.

Working width Number of cutting discs
Slicer 911 TL 8,30 m 2 x 6
Slicer 911 TLKC 8,30 m 2 x 6
Slicer 911 TLRC 8,30 m 2 x 6
Slicer 991 TL 9,30 m 2 x 7
Slicer 991 TLKC 9,30 m 2 x 7


Every Fendt Slicer disc mower performs with precision and perfection thanks to the unique cutterbed. As with any Fendt machine, the motto is: as heavy as necessary, as light as possible. The cutterbeds have a lightweight design for maximum soil protection, but without affecting the quality and durability, all down to smart solutions like the drive in the first mower disc. This means that the inner skid is not required, and that no forage is shunted.

The cutterbed is fully assembled for the ultimate in protection. All components are housed in the bottom plate. The fitted cover plate makes the Fendt Slicer cutterbeds easy to repair and maintain, for it’s easy to replace individual components. If necessary, the whole cutterbed does not have to be replaced. The gears are made from quality steel and can therefore withstand extremely high loads.

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