700 Vario Gen6

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Become a perfectionist. With the Fendt 700 Vario Gen6.

This versatile tractor, ranging from 144-237 hp, is your perfect partner for all kinds of work – from easy-going grassland work, to dynamic transport, to heavy-duty field or fleet operations.

Turn your work routine into perfection.
The new 700 Vario has it all – strength, agility,
precision, reliability, functionality and comfort.
– Power segment 144 to 237 hp
– Self-levelling front axle suspension
– Front power lift with load-relief control
– 3. front loader valve enabling three functions
to be used simultaneously
– TMS pedal mode that adjusts deceleration
by detecting thrust
– Automatic trailer steering axle lock
– 100% differential locks for front and rear
– Increased lift capacity of 10,360 daN
– 14 t permissible overall weight
– High payload of up to 6,200 kg
– Load-sensing pump with 109 l/min as standard,
and an optional 152 l/min or 193 l/min.
– 4-speed rear PTO
– 1000E economy PTO
– ISOBUS socket in the front and rear

Making the best even better.
The new driver’s workstation is the ultimate space for
more functionality, customising and ergonomics.
– New armrest with familiar Fendt elements
– Incorporates up to 3 display options:
– Digital dashboard
– 12″ terminal on the armrest
– Additional terminal retracts into the roof liner
– Customise your terminals
– New multifunction joystick with even more functions
– Flexible key assignment with
Individual Operation Manager (IOM)
– Logical colour coding
– Infotainment package
– Premium sound system
– New end-to-end operating philosophy FendtONE
– 4 USB ports on the armrest

For the ultimate drive.

Power and reliability: The tried and proven 6-cylinder Deutz engine on the Fendt 700 Vario delivers 144 to 237 hp with a top speed of 50 km/h. With a 6.1 litre cubic capacity, 4 valves per cylinder and common rail injections, this engine delivers a high-torque driving experience. The compact high horsepower tractor is designed for maximum performance and load capacity. The engine and transmission are perfectly in tune for high overall efficiency.

Stepless driving with the proven Vario gearbox: The Vario gearbox provides a stepless drive from 0.02 km/h to a maximum speed of 50 km/h. The continuously variable speed adjustment optimises engine use. The Tractor Management System (TMS) also makes it particularly fuel-efficient. TMS controls the engine and transmission so that they are always working at their economical best. You just have to set the speed.

Automatic maximum load control 2.0: Features like the automatic maximum output control 2.0 further reduce fuel consumption, with the engine always running in the ideal speed range. The maximum load control sets how far the engine speed is allowed to drop under load before the transmission shifts. It adjusts according to the engine load – or to the target speed if TMS or cruise control is on.

Good reasons to drive Vario
– Highly fuel-efficient by auto-adjusting the
transmission and engine (TMS) according to load
– Automated controls with cruise control function
and maximum load control 2.0
– Stepless, jerk-free start-up
– Fully wear-free switching from forwards to reverse
drive as the hydro pump swivels
– Gear oil change only required every
2,000 operating hours
– Prevents oil contamination due to separate
transmission and hydraulic oil supplies
– And much more

A workplace that feels like home.

Take something great and make it better
The new FendtONE driver’s workstation is marked for its functionality, customising options and ergonomics, without losing any of the control you expect from Fendt.
More control options
– New ergonomic multifunction joystick – more
buttons ready to be assigned (including ISOBUS)
– Buttons ready to be assigned on the armrest
– No extra controls required (external terminals,

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