200 Series Tractors

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Three times as good

The 200 Vario is available in three versions. For wine-growing, Fendt offers the traditional narrow vineyard tractor model V as well as the medium wide model F for wider spacings. The wide P tractor is used for hops and fruit-growing. An important advantage is the extensive, tailor-made line of optional equipment available for the 200 Vario, which permits customising to meet all individual requirements.

If height is decisive: the low roof

All three variants can be optionally equipped with a low roof. This decreases vehicle height by 15 cm. Just as in the normal version, these tractors have both a heating and ventilation system. With standard tyres, the low roof version of the Vario V has a vehicle height of 2.21 metres and the F and P-versions are 2.29 metres high.

200 Vario with safety frame

All V and P models are available as a base model with a safety frame (fold-down optional) or as an open top version. The bar increases the operator’s safety when driving through low entrances and passages.

Profi package

The Profi package is available for high hydraulic demands and professional work. This enhanced equipment level includes additional control valve functions and automatic functions for the rear linkage, which can all be controlled with the multi-function joystick.

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