Square Baler

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BiG Pack Balers

  • HighSpeed: Much higher capacity thanks to higher stroke frequency and larger pre-chamber
  • HDP: higher bale density – up to 25 % heavier bales
  • HDP II: Up to 70 % higher throughput or up to 10 % higher bale density
  • Chamber sizes from 80 x 70 cm (2’7.5″x 2’4″) to 120 x 130 cm (3’11″x 4’3″)
  • Camless EasyFlow Pick-up with powered feed roller
  • VFS Variable Filling System
  • The cutting systems XCut, VariCut, PreChop
  • MultiBale system: up to nine small bales in one pack
  • PreChop: for finely chopped, short straw lengths


EasyFlow pick-up with powered feed roller

  • 30 % higher pick-up speed for enhanced results
  • Powered feed roller for superior performance in brittle material
  • Camless design for quieter running
  • 68 % fewer moving parts for low wear
  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting

KRONE Active Pick-up – a clever combination of the tried-and-trusted camless EasyFlow Pick-up plus an additional powered feed roller. The highlight of this pick-up unit is the special design of the galvanized scrapers that ensure a constant crop fl ow as the tines retract. EasyFlow can work 30 % faster – enabling you to work at faster ground speeds and with higher throughputs.

Krone XCut

  • 16 knives for 80 cm (31.5″) chamber width
  • 26 knives for 120 cm (47″) chamber width
  • Tines feature wide and hard-wearing Hardox steel plates
  • The knife bank with pull-out knife trays lowers hydraulically
  • Knives are selected in sets


  • Up to 51 blades
  • Flexible groups of blades
  • Powerful belt driven four-star rotor
  • Top-quality short straw
  • Straightforward and convenient maintenance

VFS- The Variable Fill System

  • High throughput thanks to multiphase feed sequence
  • Pre-compression in the feed chamber for maximum filling
  • Stable bales even from small swaths
  • Uniformly compressed bales for higher bale weights
  • Automatic overload clutch for operating at full performance capacity

The Driveline

  • High inertia and high speeds for a quiet running system
  • Power is transmitted down clutch-protected drive shafts
  • No shear pins in the drive train for maximum operator comfort
  • Electronic baling pressure control for even bale densities

The Baling Chamber

  • Electronic star wheel sensor ensures uniform bale lengths
  • Sturdy yoke
  • Massive hydraulic rams for maximum bale densities
  • Strong frame with mounting bracket
 Krone Knotting System
  • Absolutely reliable – simple twine feed
  • Air cleaning provided as standard
  • Central lubrication provided as standard
  • Long service life


  • Up to nine small bales in one single big pack
  • Small bales from 0.3 to 1.35 m (1′ to 4’5″)
  • BiG performance in the field
  • Small bales for easy handling in the yard

Control Units

  • High-resolution colour touch screen
  • Specified to ISOBUS standards, the CCI terminal controls all ISOBUS-compatible machines from KRONE as well as from other manufacturers
  • CCI and ICAN: The CCI terminal offers a variety of different applications in addition to machine operation
  • If the KRONE BiG Pack is hitched to an ISOBUS compatible tractor, you can use the existing tractor terminal to control it

BiG Pack 890 | 1270 | 1290 | 4×4

  • BiG Pack 890: slimline machine for handy sized bales
  • BiG Pack 1270: single or double knotters with optional MultiBale function
  • BiG Pack 1290: the world’s most popular bale size
  • BiG Pack 4 x 4: high throughput and the world’s biggest square bales





 View a video of this product