800 Series Tractors

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Fundamental innovations have found their way into the 800 Vario, ones that futher improve the efficiency of the tractor series. The primary innovation is the combination of engine technologies with the further optimised continuously variable Vario transmission- here the best of the best come together. Lively handling through the dynamics, higher torque and improved power availability, and at the same time intelligent solutions ensure low consumption of both fuel and Adblue. The VarioGrip tyre pressure regulation system provides efficiency that is transferred directly to the ground.

High-horsepower tractors must deliver maximum performance. Fendt has trimmed the tractors for robustness, so they can stand up to higher loads. These measures include a high performance engine and transmission oil cooling concept as well as stronger pistons made of steel, which are designed for high injection pressures.

Next to economy, comfort and safety have a high priority in this series of tractor. the 800 Vario had ground-breaking technical advantages. A front windscreen made of laminated safety glass, a 300 degree field of vision with a new windscreen wiper and LED headlamps with headlamp levelling are only a few of the examples in this series that will enhance safety.

With the new 800 Vario, Fendt introduces the next generation of compact high-horsepower tractors. A maximum engine power output of 280 hp, a top speed of 60 km/h and the completely new electronics platform, Variotronic, are only a few of the highlights on the 800 Vario.

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